How To Remove Bed Bugs Using Heat

A few months ago, someone I know posted several photos on Facebook that featured the bed bugs that have been making his life a nightmare. cheap tiles melbourne These photographs showed the bugs grouped together underneath his mattress, while others were on the bedpost and bed linen. The few that have parted from the colony were clustered in corners, and there were also some that found their way underneath his carpet. The bed bugs were in different stages. Some adults were flat and dark-brown in color, and there were others that looked like engorged, reddish-brown apple seeds. It might also have been easy to miss the almost transparent nymphs and tiny white eggs if they weren’t too numerous. The photos would really make you cringe.

How He Got the Bugs

John (not his real name) didn’t know that he had a bed bug problem at first. He traveled frequently because of his job and he said that he stayed a lot in airport lodgings, motels/hotels, and other accommodation facilities. He really can’t pinpoint where or when he got the bugs, but he was sure that it must’ve been in one of those places where he stayed at.

The first time that John suspected that he might have a bed bug problem was when he began to have itchy welts all over his body; most were on his back. At first, he thought that he must’ve eaten something that he was allergic to. However, that thought went out of his mind once he saw a bug on his linen. He said, “I didn’t know what kind of bug was crawling on my sheets. But I had this gut feeling that it was a bed bug.”

How He Handled the Problem

DIY Method

Before John called a pest control service, he immediately put everything that was on his bed, like linen, sheets, and pillowcases, in the washer. He checked the internet for tips about how to wash and dry bed-bug-infested linen. Many recommend the following procedure. Wash items in hot water. Afterwards, put these in the drier for at least 40 minutes. The machine must be cranked to the highest setting possible. Once he was done, John placed these things in a clean plastic bag and then proceeded to wash all his clothes.

Heat Elimination

I guess John was overdoing it when he went ahead and washed his entire wardrobe. He said that he just wanted to be sure. Then, he called pest control to schedule a treatment. There were many treatment options, but he chose the heat elimination method. The guy he talked to said that this was quick, no-hassle, and it will be over and done with within a day. John won’t have to stay at another place after the treatment because the heat elimination process won’t leave chemical residues. The pest people will just bring in a huge heat-producing machine and apply very hot air on all surfaces to kill the bugs in all stages of life.

Bed-Bug-Free Until Now

After John’s heat treatment, which was almost a year today, he no longer had bed bug problems. He is also now more alert when staying at other places, and he always has a bed bug spray that he uses on his luggage.

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